Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Remember when...

Remember when I wrote on Saturday that Jacob had entered the realm of playing with the stuff in his diaper?

Remember when he did it again today and put it all over the front of the entertainment center...sort of like he was coloring with sidewalk chalk...and then how he put it on the folding table we play games on and how he mushed it all over Luke's Thomas the Tank Engine?

Remember when I had to clean all that up, but I couldn't really get it out of all the spots on Thomas and I might have to kill Luke a little bit by throwing it away?

Then remember when I had to help Luke squat in the brush today at the park that doesn't have toilets and wipe his bum so he didn't get it on his pants and how I almost wanted to throw up because he is five and that is almost like wiping an adult's bum?

Remember when my life didn't revolve around my children's bowels?

I don't either. It was soooooo long ago.


Amanda Edwards said...

So sorry about your "crappy" situations. Love you tons though!

Rachel said...

Oh Erin....that is miserable, awful, ...Do you think you could duct tape it so he couldn't reach in. Onesies till he is potty trained.

D. said...

Those are some interesting kids you got there! I am just smiling, remembering my 'good ole' days with you and your sister and the boys! I hate to tell you I told you so!