Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Well, crap.

Dear Jacob,

The walls? Really? I know you are tactile and curious and that often those things don't end well, but I'm beginning to think you might have a problem. Can you please take up another form of artistic expression? Or at least use another medium--like Vaseline.

Love from,
The one who has to clean it up.

P.S. Please don't really use the Vaseline, Mommy might die.


Amanda Edwards said...

You can call me to vent anytime. So sorry. Hope the steam cleaner worked. Let me know. Love you!

Cassie Kerr said...

Sick. I am so sorry! But thanks for posting you always make my day with your stories. I hope it gets better.

Crystal said...

so tonight..I cleaned poop out of Callen's pants, Jordan pooped in the tub so I got her out and proceeded to clean the tub...however I didn't put a diaper on her and she wasn't done. I went into her room to find her, the floor, the towel, and two of the tea party chairs covered in poop. I Finally get all that cleaned up only to have Callen shove her poop covered finger in my face, when I asked her how she got poop on her finger she said "my butt" oh I am so glad to read your post tonight and find out I am not the only one who has days like this!! haha

Brit said...

oh boy! I hadn't read this latest poop post. So gross. My boys haven't done that.... yet. btw, I am almost positive it was a Sams Club Rotisserie chicken that made us so sick. We had it for dinner the night before and it was the only thing that all of us, even the baby ate. Sick.