Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Can I just say that we had THIS for dinner tonight and it was so UNEXPECTEDLY YUMMY.

You'd think a bowl full of vegetables would be bland, but this is full of flavor.

Don't know what succotash is? I didn't either. Look here.

My family thinks I'm killing them with all of these veggies, but someday they will thank me, I'm (almost) sure of it.

Recipe alterations: I don't like raw onions as much as I like them cooked, so I sauteed them with the corn and squash. Also, I'm not sure what a pattypan squash is(... nevermind, I just looked here), so I used a regular yellow summer squash.

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ashjenks said...

Isn't patty pan squash the little white one? I think it is, yep I just checked. Here is a picture.

They are awesome, I like them sauteed with peppers and onions then mixed with eggs for breakfast. Also, good sliced then fried with a little egg and flour. Not sure if you fry food anymore. Sorry, I missed your call the other day, Ali had to babysit so she had the phone.