Saturday, September 20, 2008

Where I Plead For Pity Laughs

Okay peoples. I need your help.

So the always funny Sue over at Navel Gazing is putting together this book to be published called Sometimes Life is Funny. It is going to be a collection of essays that are supposed to be humorous on some level and all of the proceeds from the sale of the book are going to the NieNie Recovery Fund. This fund is to benefit Stephanie and Christian Nielson who were in a plane crash and sustained extensive burns. Nie's sister, cjane, has taken over care of their children while they are in the hospital and has been blogging about the experience. I don't know the Nielsons or Courtney, Nie's sister, but for some reason I've become endeared to them through the blogging world. I dare you to read just a short post from Courtney and not feel the same.

I don't think I'm funny enough to be in the book, but I figured it never hurts to try right? Plus, how freakin cool would it be to have an essay published in a book and be able to help out a good cause at the same time?

Anyway, here's where you come in dear readers. I need your help. This may be asking too much, but I'm hoping you will go through my archives and tell me which post is your favorite. Which post made you snort, chuckle, chortle, or crack half a smile? The deadline for submission is September 30th, but I'm hoping to choose something to submit by the end of this week.

So go for it. Here's your chance to delurk. I promise to love you forever.


Abby Hanson said...

I'd have to say "Chris the Patron Saint of Patience" or "Body Mind Memo". :) Those were both awesome. I'll have to look through more for some with Luke.

What a fun idea and a great way to help the Nielson's.

Megan said...

I have a couple of suggestions: I think "The Science of Gym People" is hysterical, "In a pickle" is terribly insightful and really makes me laugh, and "The Leakage Wars", "What's My Line" and "Snap, Crackle, Pop" come in a tie for 3rd place...for me. The Science of Gym People was the first post I ever read and I was dying, so it's a favorite. Miss you!!

erinfaun said...

I agree with the others on some of the favorites. It's really hard to choose a specific, but they are Chris the Patron Saint of Patience" or "Body Mind Memo" or "The Science of Gym People" or the "Dr Jekyl and Mr. Hyde."

I know. I am not being very helpful. But its hard when everything you write is funny. :) I love you!