Friday, August 15, 2008


Oh. Hello? heh heh. So, um, I used to have a blog.

Here's a few things I've got rolling around in my head. Ahem.

1) Potty Training SUCKS. Fine kid...pee in your pants. See if I care. NO WAIT!!! I CARE! I CARE! I REALLY.... really.... care..... ah dang.

2) Some people have no tact. Sometimes I'm some people. Other times other people are some people and I want to latch my fingers onto their leg hairs and just yank.yank.yank.yank.yank. C'mon. Speak responsibly.

3) It would be awesome if I could jump over rivers and run super fast and kick the crap out of bad know, all that stuff that comes with being a veggie vampire.

4) Weird names are dumb...unless they're cool.

5) Once upon a time, I took showers. The end.

6) Michael Phelps is scarily disproportionate, but it's okay because he's a swimming freak of nature. What do other severely disproportional people do if they never find their inner dolphin? Just go through life looking weird?

7) Hemorrhoids terrify me. Never had them, never want to.

8) Bed bugs also terrify me.

9) I have this re-occuring dream where I can never find a bathroom that is clean, in working order, and out of view of everyone around me. What does that mean?

10) Little boys with wedgies...way cool.


Crystal said...

Erin, I have to tell you that I always get a kick out of your blog, and I can always relate! You're just awesome! Sorry potty training isn't going so well... hopefully that will get better soon, hang in there and when you're an expert you can tell me all you know before I have to go throught it! he he

Alisha said...

Erin you are so funny! Stick with the potty training, once he gets it you will be so excited to never change his diapers! Sorry if I am one of the people that sucks, I didn't mean it if I am. I always wanted the superpower ability to fly, how cool would that be? I would hate to get bed bugs. Yah, Michael is seriously disproportionate...but hey he got how many gold medals? We have quite a few wedgie shots too!

Lisa said...

I love it when you have a new post! You make me laugh and sympathize all at once. I haven't even attempted to potty train Andy yet. We talk to him about it, but since we didn't succeed with Lily until she was 3, I'm in no rush.

And amen to everything else.