Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Art of De-Chunking

Trust me, it’s a useful topic. You see, my little Gooba has this strong aversion to chunks in foods that are supposed to be mostly creamy/ smooth-ish. You know the stuff: yogurt, mashed potatoes, peanut butter, jam. Heaven forbid he ever has to go to a Mormon potluck. The green chunky jello would do him in completely.

Yep, Gooba is a chunk snob. On most days there has to be a significant amount of chunky removal on my part. For instance, Gooba loves yogurt…all kinds of yogurt, BUT it has to be chunk free. I used to think if I could just get him to eat a couple of chunks, he would learn to like it and I wouldn’t have to bother picking out all the fruit pieces. I would sneak in a small chunk and watch with bated breath to see if he noticed. Two seconds later he was drooling with a horror-stricken look calling out, “Chunky! Chunky!” as the culprit slathered down his chin. He would then look at me very seriously, brows furrowed, and say, “Mie no wanit. Mie no wan chunkies”.

So, in case any of you out there have a chunk snob like I do, let me share a little wisdom I’ve picked up in the art of dechunking.

  • First, identify the chunky or chunkies. Be careful, it could be miniscule, but in the eyes of a chunk snob, it still counts.
  • Second, remove said chunky. This takes precision, accuracy, and a lot of practice. If you remove too much of the surrounding matter with the chunky you could end up with a quarter of what you started with. If you remove too little, you'll have a very mad toddler.
  • Third, reuse or recycle said chunky. If you like chunkies, then by all means eat it. If you are overly stimulated by texture like your spawn, then find another use. Feed it to the dog. Use it as under-the-table art. If it happens to be fruit, freeze all removed fruit chunkies in a container until you have enough to make a smoothie out of the mushy stuff. Most of all, be creative. It helps lessen the weight of knowing you are a genuine de-chunker.


Crystal said...

lol, no chunckies huh? I'm glad I don't quite have that problem, Callen spits them out but i'm such a mean mom I just shove it right back in and she eventually eats it :) You're so nice to pick all the chunks out... much more patient than I am. Oh, but I do think I have the under the table art thing down, my floor is seriously a masterpiece!

amber-girl said...

Erin...can I just tell you that I love to read your posts...they are so funny and random and unexpected!

Anna was such a picky eater from birth until just recently! So annoying, huh? But hey, it could be worse! You know, you should try flinging different chunks at the ceiling and see which one sticks best....then convince Luke to try and catch em in his mouth when they fall back down! Kids love to eat when a game is involved! he he

Lisa said...

Sigh. My children have some chunk issues too. I guess that they come by it honestly . . .