Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday Soulfood

So, I thought I would share my new favorite scripture study companion, but let me explain a little first. I've tried very hard to read my scriptures 30 minutes every day; not only read, but study them. I'm not a scripturian...especially when it comes to Isaiah, but I've found that I understand the meanings and symbolism behind the scriptures better when I know a little more about the culture and history of the people at the time they were written. Also, it helps to know what the prophets and apostles have said concerning specific topics that arise.

Enter my new friend:

Now, I know he doesn't have the Old Testament up yet, but this is an amazing resource. There are scriptures, cross-references, quotes from prophets and apostles, explanations of historical words/customs, etc. all in one location. Every morning I flip open my scriptures and go to this website and study. It has been very helpful for me. For those of you who are like me and could use a little extra mind-opening so that the spirit can do some heart-opening...I recommend this site.

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Speers Family said...

Thanks for the tip - it's a great site!