Monday, March 10, 2008

Corn for Breakfast

Today did not start out very promising. Luke seemed to be...disgruntled...when he woke up this morning and was not hesitant to let me know it. I didn't have the car so I couldn't workout or do my Monday grocery shopping. And, to top it all off, it was rainy and cold outside, so I had no hope of wasting the day in the sun.

However, things perked up pretty quickly. When Luke had had an hour or so to calm himself down he decided he wanted some breakfast, but not just any breakfast. He wanted corn. Yup. First sign of the awesomeness to come. He never touches vegetables and today he up and decided it was time to temporarily lift his ban on all things nutritious. I was doing a victory dance in my head...I didn't want him to think I was happy, otherwise he might have decided it wasn't worth it.

Then, I got three full hours of uninterrupted cleaning time while Luke had an early nap. Three. I cleaned both downstairs bathrooms and my kitchen. And not just cleaned, I sanitized like there was no tomorrow baby. The fridge is clean, behind the fridge is clean, the microwave is clean, the toilet brush and plunger are even clean. There is nothing like feeling like you can eat off of your own toilet brush. Kay, that's nasty, but still, you get the idea of how clean I like things. My floors were swept and mopped, I got some laundry done, and I did two loads of dishes. Sigh. Good times.

So, even after that things got better. After Luke woke up he ate all of his lunch. Granted, I bribed him with a popsicle, but still, the win counts. We even had two hours of art time. We did rock paintings (very toddler friendly). Put paper on bottom of box. Put rock on paper. Put paint on rock. Close box. Shake vigorously. Luke loved it. Then we played with playdoh. We made dogs and cows and ice cream cones. It was great till Luke "pretended" to eat the playdoh ice cream and he had green teeth. After that we watched 15 minutes of crazy cats, dogs, and kids on YouTube. Chris even came home 15 minutes early.

Maybe today was a dream...nah, my dreams aren't even this good. Crazy what little things can make a good day for a mom: a little cleaning time, a little good eatin', and a little time to play with your child-- all in separate time zones.


stephanie said...

Sounds like an AWESOME day. So Luke woke up disgruntled...that's too bad since it's always better to have "gruntled" kids, right? (yeah - just call me michael gary scott.)

You got all that cleaning done in 3 hours?? I remember that conversation about how long it took to clean the bathroom (at Tracy's - which I'm totally missing!). And to be able to eat off a toilet brush - impressive. I wish I had 3 hours to clean.

How's the gym going? Are you still liking it? I keep debating about joining one. I'll have to talk to you sometime about it.

Crystal said...

Wow, sounds like a day I don't forsee in my future! Glad you had fantastic day!