Thursday, February 28, 2008

Family Pictures

We've never had family pictures taken, ever, mostly because...well, I don't really know. But, our friend Stephanie offered to do them for us for *free* because she is working on building her portfolio. Thanks Steph for the awesome pics!

Dang it! I've been trying all evening to get this slideshow to work right and when it finally came up it was fuzzy. I'm so not tech-savvy.

Well, these are some of my favorites:

I'll try and get them all up somehow and post a link on my blog.


Alisha said...

I love the pictures. Luke is sooo cute in that last one! I'm not so tech-savvy either...I guess it's a good thing our hubbies are!

Lisa said...

Cute, cute family! And you look beautiful! Way to put the rest of us to shame. :)