Thursday, January 17, 2008

First Post

Wow, my first official post on my own official blog...I feel so cool now. Seriously, I do. I had a hard time deciding what my first post should be because, well, let's face it...a first post is like the foundation for your blog and I wanted mine to be...fabulous and funny and (as Captain Awesome would say)...awesome.

I know, I have mental flaws.

Its not the awesomeness that I imagined it to be, however, I did finally decide that this morning produced enough laughs to be blog worthy.

So, Luke escaped from me when I got him out of the tub this morning and proceeded to pee on my blanket before I could get a diaper on him. While I was cleaning up the mess he ran off again. When I checked on him a couple minutes later, I found this...Yep, he's naked and he's coloring. He must get inspiration while being in the nude. Then he found the stickers...Notice how he uses his body as a medium all its own. Very introspective wouldn't you say? Way to go my little artist, way to go.

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Lisa said...

I think Capt. Awesome would agree with me - your blog is definitely awesome and SO funny. You had me laughing from the start. I'm so glad that my son isn't the only boy who pees of everything as soon as he's naked!