Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What Did I Just Say?

Toilet-training has been hard. The kid stubbornly refused to go number 2 in the toilet for a solid month (and that’s not counting the first attempt back in August). I had entered the desperate begging version of praying when at long last he got it. Finally. Finally.

After the long, arduous, terrible ordeal that is potty-training, there’s only one response you can give when your three-year-old proudly yells out everyday from the bathroom, “Mama! Come look at my poo poohs!”

You sigh. You run in. You say,“Gee whiz buddy! Look at that poop! It’s yellow today!” And you remember how one month ago you would have given anything to see that version of food at the bottom of the toilet.

Then he turns his wide eyes and big grin toward you and says, “It makes Mama happy again.”

Yes it does, Gooba.

Every. Freakin. Time.


Stephanie said...

Gross. I can't help it. Poop is just gross. I keep wondering when I should start Paige. Hmmmm...

A Plane Family Story said...

I love the story and Luck is such a big boy to go in the toilet. Mike is ready to start Bella, and I have to remind him that she is still to young. I hope we get to see you soon. Take care...Sending all our love. Mike, Stefanie, and Izabella