Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Musings on Bovine

The other day, Valentine's Day actually, Chris said something to me that I haven't been able to quite wrap my head around. I've been musing over it for days and still don't feel I've grasped the enormity of what he was trying to convey.

He looked lovingly into my eyes and then said, (and this is word for word):
"I am a heifer and you are my grassy knoll."


Wow babe. I..um....there are no words. Thanks?? In all fairness I really do appreciate the effort. And what's more, I genuinely adore you for not making me the heifer...that was just plain ol' good form. And for that generosity I'll be the most luscious green knoll you've ever seen where only my own cute heifer can graze.


Lisa said...

Ha ha ha ha! I love it! Very good of Chris to NOT make you the heifer - I'd say some brownie points are due.

Alisha said...

I can't stop laughing. HAHA...that's pretty funny. Definitely brownie points for Chris in not making you the heifer! Although should brownie points be taken away for the comment in the first place...hum, I wonder!

Megan said...

Erin, I'm sure Chris was truly trying to be romantic in equating you with food. I mean, that's pretty close to saying, "My little sugar-dumpling...I only have an appetite for you."!

Hollywood said...

Wow. That needs to be inside a Hallmark card for sure! Nice one, Chris!