Friday, February 15, 2008

Illness and Hip Flexors

Allow me to share a little tidbit of info that I learned last night:

The road to insanity is paved with sick children and afflicted muscles.

Wow, now that I read that it sounds a little grotesque. But, grotesque or not its still profound. (I never write anything that isn't profound).

So, yesterday Luke came down with the misery after a virus decided to ravish him with a fever. And I came down with grieved muscles after the hateful instructor at the gym decided to go commando on my hip flexors with an excessive amount of lunges.

These two incidents converged upon my sanity last night when Luke woke up every half hour...let me repeat that in a whisper because its very important.......every.......half........ hour.....feverish, crying, and miserable. Do you realize that a half hour is just enough time to comfort a screaming child, collapse into bed, pull the covers up, and get THIS close to that deep peaceful sleep before you are unceremoniously jolted awake by anguished wailing???

That in and of itself was enough to make me want to pull chunks of hair out of my head. But then I had to hoist my legs up the stairs every time he woke up so that I could comfort him or get him a drink (this involved still more vexation to my aforementioned musculature). By the time 4 am decided to meander around, my mental capabilities were nil and my hips joints were shouting profanities at me.


On a lighter note, Chris and I did manage to celebrate Valentine's Day with a freakish amount of saturated fat and red dye number 3...both in the shape of hearts. Nothing says "I Love You" like a calorie fest and artificial flavoring. I love you babe. Thanks for staying with me through the inevitable insanity that follows. You're the best.


Kelsey said...

Oh no! Sorry- I thought either she kicked your butt at the gym or you were never returning! Hopefully he is better by monday- I had better see you in spinning! =) Make Chris let you nap lots today.

Alisha said...

Sick kids are no fun. Carson wants Luke to hurry up and get better! Hopefully your muscles recoup soon - I know it STINKS to not be able to work out how you want.